That Itch

Well judging from the title if you never had that itch, you should be rolling in the floor in happiness. So let me describe that itch, you know that itch that no matter how much you scratch it, it doesn’t go around,, so you stop, thinking that if, you stop touching it, it would go […]

Unclosed Doors

I know it sounds like a pretty weird thing to hate, because it makes little difference in life or really in anything. I guess it could be bad in situations like if a burglar was trying to enter your house, they can just stroll right in or run, or whatever way you walk into a […]

10 things I hate

I guess hate is a strong word, so why not use dislike. So as you all probably know my life is boring, considering it is practically the same everyday. So i got inspired to write this from 10 Things I Hate About You (A good movie) and RainbowsNHappiness (You should check her blog on wordpress). […]


So recently I have started school and I currently also going to school. School has been weird. So I got switched from music camp to geography, which I am sad about since well during music camp we basically have fun and yeah, but geography, I got bored. So I have had gym and currently am […]

The First Day of School

So obviously from the title this blog is going to be about hmm……..¬† I’m going to do the first two days of school since that covers all of my periods. So in the past two days I been to school, so since it was like my first day at junior high school, I was pretty […]

Catalina Trip

So this Sunday, my family¬† ( mom, dad, brother, and me ) also including my cousins from the previous blogs, are going to Catalina island. So here a note for them, so we are most likely going to pick you up on Saturday because well we think it would be better than picking you up […]


So not many big things have been happening lately. I guess, I been watch Supernatural and doing some other stuff. I have skipped all the way to season 7 of Supernatural since it reruns on the TV, and I’m kinda lazy to watch on my laptop since the internet has been shutting on and off […]


So nothing big happened today really.I left my cousins’ house on Monday.So in the past few days I have been really bored and there has been nothing really to do.So yeah,all I do know is pretty much the necessities in life and well practically nothing that fun except tetris.I’m pretty obsessed with tetris now because […]