That Itch

Well judging from the title if you never had that itch, you should be rolling in the floor in happiness. So let me describe that itch, you know that itch that no matter how much you scratch it, it doesn’t go around,, so you stop, thinking that if, you stop touching it, it would go around, but it is like biotch I know what you are doing and the itching goes worst.So then you try adding lotion in hope that it would soothe the itching, but all it does, is just moisturize your skin, and does nothing to that spot that is increasing in itchiness. So you are left with pretty much repeating that process over and over until it magically disappears two hours late. Ok, I may be exaggerating a little too much, on how long it lasts, but it last for a very long time, well that what it feels like to me.

I know probably some of you would be like that is not the worst itch. But add let say the itch being in a spot you can’t reach so you are

A. Rubbing against something (making you seem very strange to people around you, if you are in a crowd)

B. Try to scratch that spot (which usually results in you flailing your arms around, twisting and turning your body to try to get that spot, which also makes you look very strange to surrounding people)

C. Ask a person to scratch you (which also usually results in people thinking you are strange, unless they are really close to you)

So that is the itch that I hate and also think it is one of the worst itch you can get, but that is my opinion and others can be very different. Also while I am writing this, I am very itchy, so that is really exciting. Well goodbye, and see you next blog, I guess I can’t really see you, but oh well.


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