Unclosed Doors

I know it sounds like a pretty weird thing to hate, because it makes little difference in life or really in anything. I guess it could be bad in situations like if a burglar was trying to enter your house, they can just stroll right in or run, or whatever way you walk into a house. Or it could be a horror movie where that one curious person in the house that goes into the only room with the unclosed door and it is like sucked into the floor or something, but that could happen also with closed doors. I’m not sure why I really dislike unclosed doors, but every time I see a closed door, I somehow get really annoyed and get a really strong urge to close it, but most of the times I don’t because I am really lazy.

I guess if I was a different person and I analyzed myself, I would say something like that the closed door is a symbol. The room I am in would I represent my mind palace (Just realized, Sherlock) or comfort area (can’t really find the word for it). The area outside the room is like society and life I guess. The door would be like the barrier protecting me or blocking me from it. So I guess to be straight to the point, it is pretty much an analogy to how I prefer to be away from society and antisocial.

So all in all, I really dislike unclosed doors and pretty much if I had the magic power to close doors with a thought, I would probably want to have it, but I would probably choose a different power if given the chance, but that is not the point. But if any of you out there reading this also share this dislike towards closed doors, please comment below saying so. So I don’t really know how to end this so I shall end it with this. Goodbye and see you next time.


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