What are dreams?

Dreams are thoughts and events that occur in someone when they are unconscious whenever they are memories or imaginary, or fantasy or reality, or scary or not.

Why do dreams?

Dreams could occur because of many reasons and scientist do have many theories of why dreams occur. One theory is so the brain can organize are the things that happened. Another theory is that they reflect our feelings. But for what ever reason, either it could be so your brain could sort things out or just that unicorns prance around rainbows (yeah, that is probably, I was eating a lot of sugar when I was writing this and it was the first thing that popped into my mind, so yeah.) , we don’t know.

Somebody are probably wondering why the heck am I telling them about dreams. Why I have lately been having dreams (well technically not since i had it since well like forever, but it just sounds right.) well practically everybody, whenever you forgotten it when you woken up or still remember it.


Imagine this (I don’t know why I wrote his scenario, but I was still excited for it)

You are walking along the bare streets of London. The dense fog covering London makes everything barely visible unless they were right in front of you.

Your check your phone for the direction to the cafe because you have just recently moved to London after you have finished college.

You were one block away from getting the tea you desired when you bumped into someone. You fell backwards, but before you hit the ground an arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you up before you fell.

You were greeted by a guy who was at least 6 inches taller than you making him 6 feet. He had dark brown, curly hair that reached the nape of his neck, he had bluish green eyes, pale skin, and had sharp facial features. He was wearing a black trench coat that complimented his height and a dark blue scarf was wrapped around his neck.

Quickly, remembering what had happened you stopped staring at him and said “Sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you, I was jut checking my phone for the direction to a cafe so I could drink some tea because I have ran out of tea out home and also I couldn’t see anything that wasn’t close to me because of the dense fog. Thanks you for pulling me up so I wouldn’t fall and hit my head on the concrete. I make it up to you. Would you like tea or coffee? What would you like? ” You quickly shut your mouth when you realized you were realizing you were rambling to a complete stranger.

He looked at you with an amused look on his face and said “I would like to take up your offer on tea, Emma”

“Ok” you replied as you walked with him to the cafe.

“What would you like?” you asked as you entered the cafe, bells jingling signaling your entrance.

“Any type of tea, surprise me.” he responded back. You ordered the tea and sat across from where he was sitting.

There was a silence between you and you took that up as an opportunity to think when you realized how did he know your name, you haven’t even told him. “Excuse me, how did you know my name?” You said politely, not wanting to be mean because he has saved you. You thought of the things he could be, he could be a stalker, or a murder you thought, scared out of your mind. 

You were snapped out of your thoughts when he said “Your phone says property of Emma Lee” .

“Oh” you blushed feeling embarrassed that you thought he was stalking you, but was brought out of the awkward situation when your name was called.

You quickly got out of your seat and grabbed the tea. You handed the tea to him and tried to make leisure conversation with him. “So what is your name?” you said.

He replied “Sherlock and I need to ask you a favor.” with a smirk on his face.

Then…………………………………………………………………………………………………………. you woke up.


Yes, the feeling of sadness and want to find out what happened and for it to happen to you wash over you as you realize you were in a dream and it was not real and you couldn’t be a awesome detective partner like Sherlock with  the Sherlock Holmes, but nope it had to be a dream.


Your dream could go the other way and be scary and frightening and you could wish for it to never happen and you want to hide in a corner with Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, and Castiel protecting you.

Dreams in all could leave you wanting more, none, or just satisfied with it. IT could leave you wanting it to be reality or you not wanting to even be reality. Dreams could go either both ways good or bad or it could be both. You never know unless you do, but let just leave it mysterious and say you never know unless they develop something in the future.




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