As you all have known, I haven’t updated in I don’t know months, but today I feel like ranting about Supernatural. Well, you are probably in your rooms, reading this, thinking this chick is insane or something revelant to that opinion. Well, I have to say, I am mad at Superenaturall, well I still love the series, but you understand what I’m saying. Well you are probably like, why is she pissed? Well to answer it, it was mainly because they killed Kevin off (played by Osric Chau, if my cousin were wondering why I was ranting about Osric, well know you know.) Well Kevin was one of my favorite characters in the series, well who wouldn’t like a guy name Kevin Tran and is in Advanced placement, trying to get the perfect SAT scores and trying to get into Harvard, who is also the prophet of the lord. “Prophet of the lord, huh? It does have a nice ring to it.” If you watch Supernatural, you would have recognized that quote from Linda Tran, Kevin’s mom, who is said to be dead, but they really don’t know what to her. Also another reason why I am mad is because of Metatron, well you probably, think he got killed off, if you didn’t watch the series, but if you did you know what he did. Well to those who don’t know what he did, this is what he did.

1.He tricked Castiel into casting the angels out of heaven when he actual thought he was saving them, and he also took his grace (aka his holy essence, what makes him an angel.) Also making him defenseless against the angels who are after him because they thought he did it on purpose. But, I guessed it did have it good sides because Castiel was a human, he had more emotions and well like just say a complete opposite of what he was before. ( aka getting drunk easily, getting laid, eating food, really a mini Dean in training that has a low tolerance for alcohol.)

2.He ordered Sam, well technically the angel in Sam to kill Kevin, which I am pissed off about very much and wish that Crowley and his friendship with Kevin, out of the goodness of his heart will revive Kevin because Kevin is awesome and well I’m pretty sure Crowley also thinks Kevin is awesome.

But, yeah , in conclusion I want Kevin to be alive again and for Metatron to die. But knowing that Supernatural is not the place where happiness takes place, and that it is a place with a lot of drama. That Kevin is going to stay does even though I really want him to live.




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