So recently I have started school and I currently also going to school. School has been weird. So I got switched from music camp to geography, which I am sad about since well during music camp we basically have fun and yeah, but geography, I got bored. So I have had gym and currently am taking a fitness test. I don’t know why I find this comment amusing, but I do, so I shall start the conversation, not exactly word to word, but you will understand it.

Teacher: Sit in straight lines and in rows by your number. (She gave us number so she could take attendance easier)

Teacher: Why are you standing up?

Girl 1: I’m number 13.

(Teacher,then looks at me)

Teacher:What number are you?

Me:I’m 13.

Teacher:Their can’t be two 13.

Teacher to me:Do you speak English?

Me: Yes         ( But I really wanted to say no,I lived here since I was born and I go to an American school so, no I don’t speak English. But sadly I couldn’t because I would lose points )  =*(

(Teacher looks at paper)

Teacher to girl: Your number 17.

So yeah, I don;t know, why she said that because well it is an American school and I go to it. Mei suggested I looked too fobby, which might be the reason why, but I mean there is a lot of Asian in my school, so yeah. Oh, almost forgot is there any good fantasy books, they can be however hard, I will get it hopefully, and reply soon, need it for book report, and no movies or shows after it.


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