The First Day of School

So obviously from the title this blog is going to be about hmm……..  I’m going to do the first two days of school since that covers all of my periods. So in the past two days I been to school, so since it was like my first day at junior high school, I was pretty much radiating nervousness from me. Since I was worried about getting lost, and well, stuff people worry about when they go to a new school. So I shall now beginning telling the story of the first day of school.

So me being the lazy person, I am I didn’t take a shower usually this doesn’t happen,but I have pretty much got home from Taeknowdo and from school supply shopping, i just wanted to collapse on the floor and just lay there since I was sore from well, Taekwondo. Since after I was pretty much just like sulking in my pain, I decided to sleep late since, I always do and I was used from it because I did it everyday in summer. So after staying up to like 1 or something, I finally slept. I was awoken at 6 AM ( about 6 hours before I usually wake up ) by the alarm I set on my phone of Mei and me singing cannibal. SInce I woke up early to take a shower, I proceeded in my normal waking up routine and, then showered. Ok, now skipping to actually getting in the car to go to school, so we were going to school early since my mom said there will be traffic ( which there was ) and because since Nelson had to go in like 30 minutes early then me. So since we got to my school at like 8, I was pretty much 45 minutes early, and since we couldn’t park, I ended up roasting in the heat for 45 minutes, when I finally got my schedule ( weird, that they gave schedule right before we go to class) I learned that I got Discovery ( which my brother called it “worst team” .) So proceeding on with my schedule, I went to English which was my first class that day ( since it was an odd day, not literally odd like odd day because my schedule is odd and even days, Ok that is confusing ,but you probaly got the point ) . So I went to English, meet my teacher saw some kids I knew, but me an antisocial person who would just like lock myself in my room , didn’t talk to them. So continuing on, teacher introduced her, and what we were going to do, got homework which was suppose to be an essay about yourself and what you did in the summer. Then class ended, and we proceed to go to brunch which was just my friends and me walking around school to find another friend, which we found with the vice president, I mean principal always mess does up somehow, trying to find her lunch which she left in a classroom. So after we found her lunch, it was time to go to history, which the teacher introduced herself by a time line about herself and what we were going to do, and then we were giving a timeline about ourselves to have to do for homework. So then, class ended, there was lunch ,skipping lunch. I went to PE which was also introducing and somehow in PE, we got homework in it ( we had to write an essay ). So after that I went home since it was an early release day yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, but I ended having to wait in the sun for 30 minutes for my mom to pick me up. So that was my first day, and like right after I got home i took a nap since I was well tired and had to take Taeknowdo which I was practically dead at during the first class because I just woke up and well it was master club and was suppose to be tiring. So after taking another class, I finally went home and pretty much slept late again. That pretty much conclude the first day

So the second day, was an even day so I had music camp,math, and science. So first up was music camp, which I found out was led by a music teacher that at my old school. It was funny, we somehow ended up talking about milkshake and also about why girls like One Direction, which I think they decent since there songs are catchy, but other than that there are  lot of better singers than them. Well when we were talking about why girls like One Direction so much a boy randomly blurt out because they’re hot and me being well not attracted to the since i like people with more unusual features like black hair and blue eyes, snicked at the comment also because well the boy hated One Direction. Well then soon afterwards, a girl said well because they are famous, they sing good, they’re hot and they have British accent, which the previous boy replied so if I think music lesson for a year and get an accent, I will be undeniable right. Which the girl replied yes. Which I also snickered at since well even though I had that in my standards, well there is like a bunch more standards that I have. So soon after watching a video, we were finally done which led to adversary, which we just sat there for 20 minutes listening for announcement. Soon we were done and on our way to brunch, afterwards, I went to Math, which was the usual teacher thing and then doing some questions, we were giving homework, and then we were out the door. So after that we ate lunch, and then I went to science and almost fall asleep since teacher was just saying what we did and I was litterally really tired, that I wanted to fall off my seat and sleep. So after science ended, I walked to my brother school and then went home. So that concludes, the second day.

Here’s my scheldule

O1-English 7

E2-Music Camp

O3-Medievel History and Geography 7

E4-Acceralated Math 7

O5-PE 7

E6-Science 7

Even days= E

Odd days= O

Then next time it be odd 351 then, even 351 then, odd 513 and you get it.

Don’t worry I update some pictures soon, just lazy right now.


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