So not many big things have been happening lately. I guess, I been watch Supernatural and doing some other stuff. I have skipped all the way to season 7 of Supernatural since it reruns on the TV, and I’m kinda lazy to watch on my laptop since the internet has been shutting on and off every once in a while. So I’ve been waiting for season 3 reruns of Supernatural to come. I going to have school soon, so I might not be able to post a lot. So not really a lot of people reading this only my two cousins that I mentioned in a post. So to my cousin, you should know which one I’m talking to ,”Are you happy now that my post doesn’t look like microwaved mochi?” ” By the way, how do you download your books?” “Why haven’t you updated your blog yet hasn’t it been like a week or something,not you,the other cousin.” So how has your summer been?


4 thoughts on “8/3/2013

  1. What. I don’t even. What.

    Thank you for spacing your punctuation marks. But I’m not sure which questions were directed to me and which to Mei so I’m just going to answer all of them.

    1.) I am content.
    2.) I just download them. Using the internet.
    3.) I’m guessing this one is for Mei?
    4.) There’s nothing to do. I have yet to start packing for MIT because if I do, I won’t have any clothes to wear for the next two weeks.

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