So recently I have started school and I currently also going to school. School has been weird. So I got switched from music camp to geography, which I am sad about since well during music camp we basically have fun and yeah, but geography, I got bored. So I have had gym and currently am […]

The First Day of School

So obviously from the title this blog is going to be about hmm……..¬† I’m going to do the first two days of school since that covers all of my periods. So in the past two days I been to school, so since it was like my first day at junior high school, I was pretty […]

Catalina Trip

So this Sunday, my family¬† ( mom, dad, brother, and me ) also including my cousins from the previous blogs, are going to Catalina island. So here a note for them, so we are most likely going to pick you up on Saturday because well we think it would be better than picking you up […]


So not many big things have been happening lately. I guess, I been watch Supernatural and doing some other stuff. I have skipped all the way to season 7 of Supernatural since it reruns on the TV, and I’m kinda lazy to watch on my laptop since the internet has been shutting on and off […]


So nothing big happened today really.I left my cousins’ house on Monday.So in the past few days I have been really bored and there has been nothing really to do.So yeah,all I do know is pretty much the necessities in life and well practically nothing that fun except tetris.I’m pretty obsessed with tetris now because […]