So what is your dream in life.Get married,become a billionaire,rule the world,and become president those our some dreams that people have.What are my dreams for my future?Well……..I guess I have a weird dream in life which yeah it really weird……..When I grow up I want to randomly awkwardly work for the FBI mainly inspired by Supernatural and well because working for the FBI seems interesting and I don’t really feel like being a doctor or teacher or anything that kids these days want to be.I also want to be a model,but that obviously won’t be true because I don’t know what I’m going to look like in the future but I’m probably won’t be because I’m not the prettiest person in the world and not tall enough.So yeahhhhhh.In the future,I randomly want to become a super genius and somehow break into my cousin future house and take her potatoes and ice cream and eat mashed potatoes and ice cream on her couch.Such a weird dream,but I probably won’t do it since it illegal,but if it ever legal in the future ,i’m probaly do it,but since it not legal I cant do it so yeah.

Also in the future,my cousin and her sister(also my cousin) and I want to own some animals and name them after avenger my older cousin(which is my cousin sister also my cousin that complicated you know what let call her cousin A okay) So cousin A will own three dogs  (Iron Man AKA Tony Stark,Captain America AKA Steve Rogers,and Hulk AKA Bruce Banner).My other cousin which I will call cousin 1 will own (Loki AKA Thor’s adopted brother and Thor,she will probaly make Thor a dog and Loki a cat maybe)I will get (Black Widow AKA Natasha Romanoff, Hawkeye AKA Clint Barton, and Agent Phil Coulson yayyyyyyyyyyyyy)I will make them all dogs and will make Black Widow maybe an red Alaskan malamute since I think those dogs are pretty.I really want to make Hawkeye a dachshund i don’t know why but I want to ,but I might not, but maybe I will, I don’t know.I will make Phil Coulson a German Shepard mostly likely because I think they would match personality.Yeah that part of my dream.

Another is well I want to live like in an unpopulated forest area that has trees in a meadow that like near a waterfall or something.I want to with the dogs and a hedgehogs since hedgehog are cute,so I have to live somewhere where they are legal and I would prefer cold weather but not too cold so maybe like 60 degree Fahrenheit or something like that and also for it to be unpopulated.I don’t know what size house I want.

I am also a hopeless romantic,but I’m wont run off with the withe the first guy that I see.I have a pretty big list on how the guy would have to be so the guy would probaly have to be perfect.I would tell you the list but I think it a pretty big list so yeah.

I also want to be a billionaire somehow without working but that probaly wont be true so yeah.I also want to travel the world so yeah cant if I’m busy working.I dont really have a realistic job that I really know yet that I want to do,but I want to do something I like and make a lot of money and I want to get a full ride scholarship through a really good school ,but I don’t know what school .So yeah I guess that ends the blog post for  today,I probaly forgot some dreams so those are the ones I remember.So what is your dream for the future?


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