Have you ever had an obsession or addiction to something or someone?This sounds like a commercial right now so yeah,continuing.So I have random food addiction I guess you could consider it that.I have addiction to random food for a certain amount of time like i think a while back my addiction was lime,so I was putting a lot of lime in stuff that usually has little like and well I guess I stopped that addiction,but I guess I still like lime.I guess my addiction right now would be cookies or ice cream because I have random cravings of cookies or ice cream probably throughout the month mainly cookies.So when there is ice cream or cookies,I eat a lot of it,but I try to stop myself ,before it runs out,but in the end i usually take like one more scoop and then stopping.I also have weird obsession with some show i watch like I would look up the show and well I guess look up stuff that related to the show.It doesn’t happen that much unless I like the show,but sometimes even if I’m bored I look up random stuff related to a show that I guess is okay for me,I guess.So yeah,sometimes i have obsession over shows or food,


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