So what is your dream in life.Get married,become a billionaire,rule the world,and become president those our some dreams that people have.What are my dreams for my future?Well……..I guess I have a weird dream in life which yeah it really weird……..When I grow up I want to randomly awkwardly work for the FBI mainly inspired by […]


Have you ever had an obsession or addiction to something or someone?This sounds like a commercial right now so yeah,continuing.So I have random food addiction I guess you could consider it that.I have addiction to random food for a certain amount of time like i think a while back my addiction was lime,so I was […]


Today was practically the same as what I do practically everyday since July.Today I watched Teen Wolf and got caught up to it so right now I am waiting for the eight episode of the third season of Teen Wolf.I also watched some episode of Saving Hope,Supernatural,and Being Human.I have been writing a story for […]

Goals for Summer Get more fit. Clean and repaint,redecorate room Get school supplies ready and get ready for school. Watch a lot of movies and TV shows. Read more. Have fun. What are the things you want to do/goals you want to do during summer?                                                                                                   

My lazy day

Today I pretty much did the same as yesterday instead today i was more active and exercise.Today i watch a couple episode of supernatural,being human, and watched a little of teen wolf. I ate so much i ate some cookies,ice cream,and pizza and well other things but I exercise.I really need to go on a […]


Today I did practically nothing fun except watching Teen Wolf.I still need to catch up on Teen Wolf and I only have to watch a couple episode before i catch up.After that I will probably find a different series to watch.I mostly  either watched a show,read,played on the internet,or hanged out with my cousins for […]