That Itch

Well judging from the title if you never had that itch, you should be rolling in the floor in happiness. So let me describe that itch, you know that itch that no matter how much you scratch it, it doesn’t go around,, so you stop, thinking that if, you stop touching it, it would go around, but it is like biotch I know what you are doing and the itching goes worst.So then you try adding lotion in hope that it would soothe the itching, but all it does, is just moisturize your skin, and does nothing to that spot that is increasing in itchiness. So you are left with pretty much repeating that process over and over until it magically disappears two hours late. Ok, I may be exaggerating a little too much, on how long it lasts, but it last for a very long time, well that what it feels like to me.

I know probably some of you would be like that is not the worst itch. But add let say the itch being in a spot you can’t reach so you are

A. Rubbing against something (making you seem very strange to people around you, if you are in a crowd)

B. Try to scratch that spot (which usually results in you flailing your arms around, twisting and turning your body to try to get that spot, which also makes you look very strange to surrounding people)

C. Ask a person to scratch you (which also usually results in people thinking you are strange, unless they are really close to you)

So that is the itch that I hate and also think it is one of the worst itch you can get, but that is my opinion and others can be very different. Also while I am writing this, I am very itchy, so that is really exciting. Well goodbye, and see you next blog, I guess I can’t really see you, but oh well.


Unclosed Doors

I know it sounds like a pretty weird thing to hate, because it makes little difference in life or really in anything. I guess it could be bad in situations like if a burglar was trying to enter your house, they can just stroll right in or run, or whatever way you walk into a house. Or it could be a horror movie where that one curious person in the house that goes into the only room with the unclosed door and it is like sucked into the floor or something, but that could happen also with closed doors. I’m not sure why I really dislike unclosed doors, but every time I see a closed door, I somehow get really annoyed and get a really strong urge to close it, but most of the times I don’t because I am really lazy.

I guess if I was a different person and I analyzed myself, I would say something like that the closed door is a symbol. The room I am in would I represent my mind palace (Just realized, Sherlock) or comfort area (can’t really find the word for it). The area outside the room is like society and life I guess. The door would be like the barrier protecting me or blocking me from it. So I guess to be straight to the point, it is pretty much an analogy to how I prefer to be away from society and antisocial.

So all in all, I really dislike unclosed doors and pretty much if I had the magic power to close doors with a thought, I would probably want to have it, but I would probably choose a different power if given the chance, but that is not the point. But if any of you out there reading this also share this dislike towards closed doors, please comment below saying so. So I don’t really know how to end this so I shall end it with this. Goodbye and see you next time.

10 things I hate

I guess hate is a strong word, so why not use dislike. So as you all probably know my life is boring, considering it is practically the same everyday. So i got inspired to write this from 10 Things I Hate About You (A good movie) and RainbowsNHappiness (You should check her blog on wordpress). So basically I will make a list and write a blog for each line (number, thing, use whatever you want).

  1. Unclosed doors
  2. That itch
  3. Awkward moments
  4. Spiders
  5. Sickness
  6. Most people
  7. Stairs/Escalator
  8. Public Presentation
  9. Extreme heat
  10. Dirty stuff


What are dreams?

Dreams are thoughts and events that occur in someone when they are unconscious whenever they are memories or imaginary, or fantasy or reality, or scary or not.

Why do dreams?

Dreams could occur because of many reasons and scientist do have many theories of why dreams occur. One theory is so the brain can organize are the things that happened. Another theory is that they reflect our feelings. But for what ever reason, either it could be so your brain could sort things out or just that unicorns prance around rainbows (yeah, that is probably, I was eating a lot of sugar when I was writing this and it was the first thing that popped into my mind, so yeah.) , we don’t know.

Somebody are probably wondering why the heck am I telling them about dreams. Why I have lately been having dreams (well technically not since i had it since well like forever, but it just sounds right.) well practically everybody, whenever you forgotten it when you woken up or still remember it.


Imagine this (I don’t know why I wrote his scenario, but I was still excited for it)

You are walking along the bare streets of London. The dense fog covering London makes everything barely visible unless they were right in front of you.

Your check your phone for the direction to the cafe because you have just recently moved to London after you have finished college.

You were one block away from getting the tea you desired when you bumped into someone. You fell backwards, but before you hit the ground an arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you up before you fell.

You were greeted by a guy who was at least 6 inches taller than you making him 6 feet. He had dark brown, curly hair that reached the nape of his neck, he had bluish green eyes, pale skin, and had sharp facial features. He was wearing a black trench coat that complimented his height and a dark blue scarf was wrapped around his neck.

Quickly, remembering what had happened you stopped staring at him and said “Sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you, I was jut checking my phone for the direction to a cafe so I could drink some tea because I have ran out of tea out home and also I couldn’t see anything that wasn’t close to me because of the dense fog. Thanks you for pulling me up so I wouldn’t fall and hit my head on the concrete. I make it up to you. Would you like tea or coffee? What would you like? ” You quickly shut your mouth when you realized you were realizing you were rambling to a complete stranger.

He looked at you with an amused look on his face and said “I would like to take up your offer on tea, Emma”

“Ok” you replied as you walked with him to the cafe.

“What would you like?” you asked as you entered the cafe, bells jingling signaling your entrance.

“Any type of tea, surprise me.” he responded back. You ordered the tea and sat across from where he was sitting.

There was a silence between you and you took that up as an opportunity to think when you realized how did he know your name, you haven’t even told him. “Excuse me, how did you know my name?” You said politely, not wanting to be mean because he has saved you. You thought of the things he could be, he could be a stalker, or a murder you thought, scared out of your mind. 

You were snapped out of your thoughts when he said “Your phone says property of Emma Lee” .

“Oh” you blushed feeling embarrassed that you thought he was stalking you, but was brought out of the awkward situation when your name was called.

You quickly got out of your seat and grabbed the tea. You handed the tea to him and tried to make leisure conversation with him. “So what is your name?” you said.

He replied “Sherlock and I need to ask you a favor.” with a smirk on his face.

Then…………………………………………………………………………………………………………. you woke up.


Yes, the feeling of sadness and want to find out what happened and for it to happen to you wash over you as you realize you were in a dream and it was not real and you couldn’t be a awesome detective partner like Sherlock with  the Sherlock Holmes, but nope it had to be a dream.


Your dream could go the other way and be scary and frightening and you could wish for it to never happen and you want to hide in a corner with Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, and Castiel protecting you.

Dreams in all could leave you wanting more, none, or just satisfied with it. IT could leave you wanting it to be reality or you not wanting to even be reality. Dreams could go either both ways good or bad or it could be both. You never know unless you do, but let just leave it mysterious and say you never know unless they develop something in the future.




As you all have known, I haven’t updated in I don’t know months, but today I feel like ranting about Supernatural. Well, you are probably in your rooms, reading this, thinking this chick is insane or something revelant to that opinion. Well, I have to say, I am mad at Superenaturall, well I still love the series, but you understand what I’m saying. Well you are probably like, why is she pissed? Well to answer it, it was mainly because they killed Kevin off (played by Osric Chau, if my cousin were wondering why I was ranting about Osric, well know you know.) Well Kevin was one of my favorite characters in the series, well who wouldn’t like a guy name Kevin Tran and is in Advanced placement, trying to get the perfect SAT scores and trying to get into Harvard, who is also the prophet of the lord. “Prophet of the lord, huh? It does have a nice ring to it.” If you watch Supernatural, you would have recognized that quote from Linda Tran, Kevin’s mom, who is said to be dead, but they really don’t know what to her. Also another reason why I am mad is because of Metatron, well you probably, think he got killed off, if you didn’t watch the series, but if you did you know what he did. Well to those who don’t know what he did, this is what he did.

1.He tricked Castiel into casting the angels out of heaven when he actual thought he was saving them, and he also took his grace (aka his holy essence, what makes him an angel.) Also making him defenseless against the angels who are after him because they thought he did it on purpose. But, I guessed it did have it good sides because Castiel was a human, he had more emotions and well like just say a complete opposite of what he was before. ( aka getting drunk easily, getting laid, eating food, really a mini Dean in training that has a low tolerance for alcohol.)

2.He ordered Sam, well technically the angel in Sam to kill Kevin, which I am pissed off about very much and wish that Crowley and his friendship with Kevin, out of the goodness of his heart will revive Kevin because Kevin is awesome and well I’m pretty sure Crowley also thinks Kevin is awesome.

But, yeah , in conclusion I want Kevin to be alive again and for Metatron to die. But knowing that Supernatural is not the place where happiness takes place, and that it is a place with a lot of drama. That Kevin is going to stay does even though I really want him to live.




So recently I have started school and I currently also going to school. School has been weird. So I got switched from music camp to geography, which I am sad about since well during music camp we basically have fun and yeah, but geography, I got bored. So I have had gym and currently am taking a fitness test. I don’t know why I find this comment amusing, but I do, so I shall start the conversation, not exactly word to word, but you will understand it.

Teacher: Sit in straight lines and in rows by your number. (She gave us number so she could take attendance easier)

Teacher: Why are you standing up?

Girl 1: I’m number 13.

(Teacher,then looks at me)

Teacher:What number are you?

Me:I’m 13.

Teacher:Their can’t be two 13.

Teacher to me:Do you speak English?

Me: Yes         ( But I really wanted to say no,I lived here since I was born and I go to an American school so, no I don’t speak English. But sadly I couldn’t because I would lose points )  =*(

(Teacher looks at paper)

Teacher to girl: Your number 17.

So yeah, I don;t know, why she said that because well it is an American school and I go to it. Mei suggested I looked too fobby, which might be the reason why, but I mean there is a lot of Asian in my school, so yeah. Oh, almost forgot is there any good fantasy books, they can be however hard, I will get it hopefully, and reply soon, need it for book report, and no movies or shows after it.

The First Day of School

So obviously from the title this blog is going to be about hmm……..  I’m going to do the first two days of school since that covers all of my periods. So in the past two days I been to school, so since it was like my first day at junior high school, I was pretty much radiating nervousness from me. Since I was worried about getting lost, and well, stuff people worry about when they go to a new school. So I shall now beginning telling the story of the first day of school.

So me being the lazy person, I am I didn’t take a shower usually this doesn’t happen,but I have pretty much got home from Taeknowdo and from school supply shopping, i just wanted to collapse on the floor and just lay there since I was sore from well, Taekwondo. Since after I was pretty much just like sulking in my pain, I decided to sleep late since, I always do and I was used from it because I did it everyday in summer. So after staying up to like 1 or something, I finally slept. I was awoken at 6 AM ( about 6 hours before I usually wake up ) by the alarm I set on my phone of Mei and me singing cannibal. SInce I woke up early to take a shower, I proceeded in my normal waking up routine and, then showered. Ok, now skipping to actually getting in the car to go to school, so we were going to school early since my mom said there will be traffic ( which there was ) and because since Nelson had to go in like 30 minutes early then me. So since we got to my school at like 8, I was pretty much 45 minutes early, and since we couldn’t park, I ended up roasting in the heat for 45 minutes, when I finally got my schedule ( weird, that they gave schedule right before we go to class) I learned that I got Discovery ( which my brother called it “worst team” .) So proceeding on with my schedule, I went to English which was my first class that day ( since it was an odd day, not literally odd like odd day because my schedule is odd and even days, Ok that is confusing ,but you probaly got the point ) . So I went to English, meet my teacher saw some kids I knew, but me an antisocial person who would just like lock myself in my room , didn’t talk to them. So continuing on, teacher introduced her, and what we were going to do, got homework which was suppose to be an essay about yourself and what you did in the summer. Then class ended, and we proceed to go to brunch which was just my friends and me walking around school to find another friend, which we found with the vice president, I mean principal always mess does up somehow, trying to find her lunch which she left in a classroom. So after we found her lunch, it was time to go to history, which the teacher introduced herself by a time line about herself and what we were going to do, and then we were giving a timeline about ourselves to have to do for homework. So then, class ended, there was lunch ,skipping lunch. I went to PE which was also introducing and somehow in PE, we got homework in it ( we had to write an essay ). So after that I went home since it was an early release day yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, but I ended having to wait in the sun for 30 minutes for my mom to pick me up. So that was my first day, and like right after I got home i took a nap since I was well tired and had to take Taeknowdo which I was practically dead at during the first class because I just woke up and well it was master club and was suppose to be tiring. So after taking another class, I finally went home and pretty much slept late again. That pretty much conclude the first day

So the second day, was an even day so I had music camp,math, and science. So first up was music camp, which I found out was led by a music teacher that at my old school. It was funny, we somehow ended up talking about milkshake and also about why girls like One Direction, which I think they decent since there songs are catchy, but other than that there are  lot of better singers than them. Well when we were talking about why girls like One Direction so much a boy randomly blurt out because they’re hot and me being well not attracted to the since i like people with more unusual features like black hair and blue eyes, snicked at the comment also because well the boy hated One Direction. Well then soon afterwards, a girl said well because they are famous, they sing good, they’re hot and they have British accent, which the previous boy replied so if I think music lesson for a year and get an accent, I will be undeniable right. Which the girl replied yes. Which I also snickered at since well even though I had that in my standards, well there is like a bunch more standards that I have. So soon after watching a video, we were finally done which led to adversary, which we just sat there for 20 minutes listening for announcement. Soon we were done and on our way to brunch, afterwards, I went to Math, which was the usual teacher thing and then doing some questions, we were giving homework, and then we were out the door. So after that we ate lunch, and then I went to science and almost fall asleep since teacher was just saying what we did and I was litterally really tired, that I wanted to fall off my seat and sleep. So after science ended, I walked to my brother school and then went home. So that concludes, the second day.

Here’s my scheldule

O1-English 7

E2-Music Camp

O3-Medievel History and Geography 7

E4-Acceralated Math 7

O5-PE 7

E6-Science 7

Even days= E

Odd days= O

Then next time it be odd 351 then, even 351 then, odd 513 and you get it.

Don’t worry I update some pictures soon, just lazy right now.

Catalina Trip

So this Sunday, my family  ( mom, dad, brother, and me ) also including my cousins from the previous blogs, are going to Catalina island.

So here a note for them, so we are most likely going to pick you up on Saturday because well we think it would be better than picking you up before sunrise on Sunday and if you add my dad driving well it wont be fun or safe.So yeah, and here is a list of things you should bring along.

List(for my cousins):

  • Clothes (bring jacket in case it is cold and regular summer clothes if it hot)
  • Swimsuit (we might go swimming)
  • Electronics (to keep you entertained)
  • Shoes (flip flops, running shoes, fancy shoes we might go to beach,or go hiking, or go to a fancy place ,probaly not so that optional)
  • Yourself (obviously because that why we got you a ticket)
  • A smile (lol no I’m kidding that optional, I just felt like I should put it there because well i just felt like it, now you probaly think I’m strange,but you already know I’m strange and I’m am getting off topic right now)

So that is probaly all you need, if I forgot something inform me and well we could probaly provide you with the rest. Oh, and where would you like to do, so I can voice opinion to parents.

List of things to do (for cousins):

  • Parasailing
  • Ziplining
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking/walking
  • Tour
  • Shopping
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving

I might have forgotten something,but yeah that what I remember so far so yeah if you find something else tell me. Which one do you want to do?





So not many big things have been happening lately. I guess, I been watch Supernatural and doing some other stuff. I have skipped all the way to season 7 of Supernatural since it reruns on the TV, and I’m kinda lazy to watch on my laptop since the internet has been shutting on and off every once in a while. So I’ve been waiting for season 3 reruns of Supernatural to come. I going to have school soon, so I might not be able to post a lot. So not really a lot of people reading this only my two cousins that I mentioned in a post. So to my cousin, you should know which one I’m talking to ,”Are you happy now that my post doesn’t look like microwaved mochi?” ” By the way, how do you download your books?” “Why haven’t you updated your blog yet hasn’t it been like a week or something,not you,the other cousin.” So how has your summer been?


So nothing big happened today really.I left my cousins’ house on Monday.So in the past few days I have been really bored and there has been nothing really to do.So yeah,all I do know is pretty much the necessities in life and well practically nothing that fun except tetris.I’m pretty obsessed with tetris now because of my cousin who also has a tetris obsession.So all I’m pretty much doing for fun is reading,playing tetris,surfing internet,or watching more shows and well more stuff.So it more fun to be bored with my cousins than by myself.So I hope they can go to my house soon.=(